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Brand New Hillbilly Two Seater

If you are wondering whether or not two seater outhouses existed, they did. I saw a two seater outhouse once when we were visiting some family. Even then I wondered why two people would be sitting within inches of each other while doing their “dirty business”.

Think of the romantic moments maw and paw could share when they sat side by side, perhaps whispering in each others ear as they sat there working hard to fill up the outhouse pit. When I think about that I imagine her saying something like “I shore do love you paw but by lawd you stink worse than the hogs!”

Taking a dump in an outhouse is a little different than sitting on your shiny porcelain toilet. In an outhouse there is no flushing. Below the outhouse is a pit and when “something” drops into it,┬áit can be loud. When the pit gets near to the top the outhouse must be moved and a new pit dug. The old pit is covered over and filled in and generally avoided by everyone. Often, later on after they all died someone else got hold of the land who didn’t know about it and wound up falling in. What will future archaeologists think about this crap?

Hillbilly Two Seater
Hillbilly Two Seater

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My gandparents had a two seater when I was a kid. I stayed with them one summer, and must say I was lucky enough not to have to share it! At least I tried to make sure there wasn’t anyone else was using it! What about the people who had a two seater and had a latch on the door, why have two seats? It can humble a sole to know that as a human we all produce such wretched and vile material. It makes you think of why it was so appealing and appetizing on the way in as vittles! Phew! Stanky ol’ outhouses! At least they are fodder for about a million jokes!

My great aunt had a two seater and I was glad of it. I was always afraid of fallin in.
Once I dropped my new jacket down the big hole. I went and got Pap’s fishin rod to fetch it out. Pap saw me and said “you aint gonna wear that now are yee?” I said “No Pap, but I had a biscuit in the pocket and I’m still hongry.

I have seen some outhouses with a third one for the little ones , kinda potty chair , Was on one side opposite of the flower can , so the little ones would not play in it , witch had lime in it to keep the smell down , I guess them was the good old days .
If the out house was full there was a lot of trees around , for the boys . I guess the girls just had to hold it

Im 55 now and back in the day behind the Blacksmith shop was a 15 children plus grdma and Pop . That was very scary at my age. 0oO the smaller hole was to the back of the wall. They didnt even get runnin water in the house untill 1972 and that was just cood water.

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