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Educational Programs For The Non-Hillbilly

Genuine Hillbillies
Genuine Imitation Hillbillies

Before television hillbillies arrived on the scene much of the non-hillbilly world knew very little about these elusive people. I mean, have you ever seen National Geographic go film any crazy hillbillies?

The most well known hillbilly show, of course, was the Beverly Hillbillies. Many other fine educational programs designed to inform the world about the fine points of hillbilly life were produced over the years. Millions of people learned what a hillbilly was and how they behaved while they sat in front of their TVs. It was educational programming for the non-hillbilly (hillbilly challenged?) which presented a true life picture of hillbilly behavior.

Great educational classics such as Li’l Abner and Ma and Pa Kettle paved the way for a brighter future for humanity by providing the world with a historically and culturally accurate depiction of the hillbilly in his (or her) native habitat.

One of my favorite programs was Hee Haw which was hosted by Buck Owens and Roy Clark and featured both the ugliest and the prettiest of the hillbilly women folk as well as the smartest and the dumbest hillbillies in general. Take Junior Samples for example, that man was a genius and a master car salesman. And what about Grandpa Jones? He showed the world what hillbillies like to eat. When we combine this esoteric knowledge with what the Beverly Hillbillies taught us we can have a well rounded idea of what motivates a hillbilly to make a trip to the outhouse. If you are really interested in the Hee Haw show you can read more about it at

In the 1960s Hanna Barbera introduced the Hillbilly Bears. It was felt that most of the hillbilly educational programs were aimed toward older audiences so the cartoon couple took upon themselves the task of helping the non-hillbilly children of the world learn about real hillbilly life. The Hillbilly Bears was instrumental in the success and advancement of our great nations project to help non-hillbilly children laugh and learn as much as the grown ups. Thanks to Hanna Barbera children no longer had to wait until they grew up to learn how crazy hillbillies are.

The Hillbilly Bears
The Hillbilly Bears

Well, if you have read this far you may be thinking, “what a jerk!” Rest assured that I am only kidding, but the fact is that millions of people did watch the Beverly Hillbillies and shows like it and they did come to think that what they saw was representative of how hillbillies were in real life. This was too true for a lot of my cousins who lived in Ohio (that foreign land on the other side of the river).

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Written by David Slone, Copyright 2008 all rights reserved and may not be copied or republished in any way without express permission.

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That reminds me, in the sixties, Mountain Dew was introduced and the ad campaign ( pre Beverly Hillbillies ), was purely stereotypical, an animated little hillbilly, with a beard and old beat up hat, rifle, torn overhauls and barefoot and a would run up and down these cartoon hills yelling “YAHOOO!, MOUNTAIN DEW! and there may have been another slogan I can’t remember, if anyone out there knows send a comment. Don’t forget Green Acres, they had some the best characters, Haney, Eb, the Ziffles, Mr. Kimble and so on. And Green Acres and Petticoat Junction were Beverly Hillbillies spinoffs. There are also those robot Hillbilly Bears at Disneyland who’d drink from jugs of shine and play music and some are just plain goofy. Sort of like an “Otis” bear, and lets not forget theres Mayberry and Gomer and Goober, and who but a hillbilly would name a kid Opie!

You should be able to buy Possum Treet at any grocery store. If you cant find it where you live then contact me and I will send you a few cans absolutely free (+ 39.95 for shipping and handling fees)

Licking lips…can I order one of the ABSOLUTELY free ones??? Where you pay the shipping costs…or not?

The only thing the Beverly Hillbillies was missing….ME!! Think of it, I’d have Granny around to learn from , you know, teach me her womanly ways. Cookin, cleaning, shootin people [or at least at them] and making lye soap. Now then, theres Jed. Whoooo dooogies, what a man! Gittin to be married up with him wouldnt be unbearable.Big strong strappin man, why he c o u ld…uh, never mind. Havin Jethro as a son would be doable. Never open a jar myself agin,……I guess thats it. Ellie Mae could learn a thing or two from me, like what kind of guy NOT to pick, no, really. Jane Hathaway could use a PDA, if I was married to Jed, Id buy her one.

the old moutain dew bottles used to say “it’s so good it tickle your innards” i had one that said that but lost it:(

Does anybody remember “Granma’s Lye Soap”? It was “In The Book”.

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