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If I Win That Danged Old Power Ball

If I win that danged old power ball I would be more surprised than anyone. I don’t have a snowballs chance to win any of that money. I would like to tell you all that I have never wasted a dime on the lottery. Instead I must admit that I have squandered ten times that amount.

On the first day lottery tickets were sold in Kentucky I bought a $1 ticket. It was a $1 winner! I had won back my dollar bill.

I was excited by all that money and feeling very wealthy with my greenback dollar.

Greed overtook me and I bought another ticket. That last ticket was a loser and so was I.

power ball hillbillyThat losing ticket traumatized me to the point that I have never bought another since. There I was, an innocent young girl, with dreams and plans on what I was going to do with all my winnings. From the second I saw that my ticket was a winner right up to the point I realized the second was a loser I had spent that money in mind. My heart swelled and the world was so bright and happy as I was trying to get myself use to living the rich life.

They had these big old signs what had lots of dollar signs on them and said folks were gonna be winning a lot of money. I think that lottery ticket salesman must a dealt me a ticket from the bottom of the deck to trick me. There I was thinking about all the things I was gonna buy for my mammy and pappy and how I was gonna get some food for the kids. Then my dreams and visions were shattered.

On my way in to the store I was offered a hand full of magic beans for a buck. I told the gentleman I was much too smart a lady for that. When I left the man approached me again with the magic beans. I remember crying and thinking to myself that if I had my greenback dollar my children and my mammy and pappy could have something for supper. Oh well, magic beans causes my pappy to get stinky real fast.

The only thing that gave me the strength to go on and try to live out the reminder of my life was the fact that my Federal Reserve bank note went toward helping youngins to get educated in Kentucky. It was too late for me then. I was broke and without hope. That dollar bill I once had was gone.

I walked on back up the holler and shot a couple possums. When I got home mammy and pappy and the kids were so happy to see the possums they forgot all about the dollar bill.

This story has weighed on my heart and soul all these years and now I can finally come forward and share my heart wrenching story.

Sally Lou Siney

Wayland, Kentucky

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Just read through half of your posts.
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(Maybewrite a,book

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