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Jerry Clower the Story Teller

I grew up listening to Jerry Clower. My dad had several 8 track tapes that he would play in his truck when we were going down the road. Clower is a great story teller who can make you laugh without ever being vulgar.

Marcel Ledbetter and The Beer Joint

The Coon Huntin’ Monkey

Words We Dont Need

The Last Piece of Chicken

Fishing With the Game Warden

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Hello Brad, thanks for leaving a comment. When I was a kid dad had several 8 track tapes and would play them in his truck. We went fishing and would leave the house before daylight. Both of us would laugh and imitate Jerry. Whenever I hear Jerry Clower it always takes me back to those days.

Ran across your site…and Just want to say Jerry Clower never gets old and his humor is timeless. It is great to be able to still listen to his great stories and are good for the whole family.

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