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The Click Clack Slide Ghost

Watch the Train!
Watch the Train!

One night, a mother told her own daughter to go buy some milk and she also told her to watch out for the railroad tracks. While the girl was crossing the railroad tracks, one of shoes got stuck and suddenly, she saw a train coming in the distance, she was still struggling to get her foot off the tracks, and the train was coming closer… and closer. Until, the train hit her, she lost both her legs but no one ever saw the poor little girl ever again.

Many years after that, there was another mother and told her own daughter to go and buy 3 bottles of milk. After that, when the girl came back, the mother was angry and said ‘You only bought 2 bottles of milk!’ And the mother decided that the little girl should be punished, and said that the girl should sleep outside for the night in the tent and said ‘and watch out for the click clack slide…’

So that night, while the girl was sleeping, something woke her up. She heard a noise from outside…click clack slide… click clack slide… click clack slide…. click clack slide. The young girl thought it was her mother and ignored it and decided to go back to sleep, but the noise kept goin on and on… click clack slide …click clack slide… click clack slide… and it made the girl really frightened. So the girl went out the tent and saw nothing, she decided to go in the house, and went to the kitchen and there she saw her mother lying on the floor…dead and there was blood everywhere.

The girl was very scared and could not believe what she was seeing, she turned around and she saw a girl on the floor with blood all over her body… and she didn’t have any legs, it was like they were cut off and the girl looked up and shouted… “BOOOOOO!”

This story was called the click clack slide because of the girl. And cause the girl didn’t have any legs, she had to use her arms to move, and then she slides forward, like I said, watch out for the click clack slide…

Sent in by Nicole, Copyright 2010