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Uphill Both Ways The Good Old Hillbilly Days

Think you go it bad? When I was a kid we had to walk 10 miles through the snowy mountains to get to school. It snowed every day and we had no clothes or shoes. To make matters even worse, it was uphill both ways. I remember my parents making similar statements to me, now I am saying things like that to my own children. (Actually I have exaggerated what my parents told me, but not what I tell my children).

It’s true! The kids today have it so much easier than “we” did. It isn’t uncommon at all for a kid to have their own cell phone, a TV, stereo, game systems, computer, etc. in their room. When I was that age I had to carry feed to the live stock and draw water from a well (and it was uphill both ways).

NOTE: If you are a kid continue reading, you will need to know this stuff whenever you have your own children.

There was one telephone in the house and it was for important stuff. If we wanted to have a conversation with any of our friends we had the strange custom of actually going to where they were and talking to them in person. Yes, weird I know, but people use to do that sort of thing quite a lot back in the old days.

There was one television in the house and what we watched was controlled. Mom didn’t want us watching any of the bad stuff, but mostly it was controlled because we watched what she wanted to. These days kids watch whatever they want and most of the time their parents don’t pay attention to it.

Parents out there need to realize how important television viewing can be for their children. Every decent self-respecting non-hillbilly parent out there should make a serious effort to encourage their kids to watch the old educational hillbilly programs like The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres and Petticoat Junction. How else will they get the opportunity to learn about the hillbilly way of life? These shows present realistic and authentic hillbillies talking hillbilly talk, eating hillbilly food and doing hillbilly things in general.

And kids, the next time your parents are telling you that you have it easier than they did just remember; Just a few decades ago there were still a lot of people who still didn’t have indoor plumbing or electricity. Maybe your folks were part of that bunch so give ’em a break and admit that your life is easier. At least you don’t have to put your coat and shoes on to go to the bathroom!

Written by David Slone, Copyright 2008 all rights reserved and may not be copied or republished in any way without express permission.

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Kids these days are very easy to scare with horror stories of the “olden days”. If you really want to give your kids a scare, all you need is two words: No cellphone.

Tell most teenagers that you didnt have Play Stations and Internet when you were a kid and they will look at you with such pity in their eyes.

How on earth did we even survive all those years waiting for things like PS2s and the Internet to come along and save us from boredom and misery?

Hay..yew left owt the finust tv prograyum fer hillbillies…HEE HAW. That Buck an Roy wus a hoot.And the cheff, Grampaw, man whut he cood dew with roadkill…YUUMM! An that Junior Samples.. whut a hunk. Ah used ta send him love letters…till he got one o them that strainin orders. Eneways, Jr, if yer owt thar,call me, my numbers still thu saim…..BR549

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