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Everyone But Me Is Crazy I Tell You!

What is it that makes one person crazy and another one not? Why is it that it is always other people who are crazy? When I say that I am the one who is sane and everyone else in the world is crazy am I crazy? It is in search of answers to these questions I begin this post.

Naturally I would expect the answers to these questions to be crazy, and in truth I think that all of us are crazy. If you don’t think you are crazy then you’re crazy!

What makes someone crazy? That is, what is it about someone that would cause you to call them crazy? Generally speaking if someone else has viewpoints and practices that are much different than your own they are crazy. I know of a man who talked to the birds, rocks and trees. I suppose that isn’t a bad thing, we all talk to our pets and even our plants. I even talk to my computer when it acts up and usually not very politely! But the thing about this guy was that the birds, rocks and trees told him secrets about the people who lived in the area. Was he crazy?

Have you ever noticed that people, even you, will say something like, “… that man/woman is crazy!”? Think again, how often have you heard someone say, “… I am crazy …”? Now you see what I mean, it is always someone else who is crazy while we ourselves are completely rational.

My judgment here is that each and every one of us is crazy. There are definitely some out there who are crazier than others, but how do we decide who they are? T shirts and bumper stickers should be issued!

Conclusion? There are two distinct classes of humans; the crazy and the crazier.

5 replies on “Everyone But Me Is Crazy I Tell You!”

Trust me on this, I have read some of your stuff, you are crazy all right. Don’t trouble yourself to look for a second opinion.

I am not crazy but I am crazy.
Craziness is not necessarily a bad thing. Most creative individuals are completely insane.

That sounds like crazy talk to me. Momma dont ‘low no crazy talkin ’round hyer

Well you may not need a second opinion on this but youre going to get it anyway. You are absolutely crazy buddy. Do you draw one of them “crazy checks”? If not then you should run out and apply for it right away.

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