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Hillbilly Cream Of Wheat

I do love Cream of Wheat and I do have a box in the kitchen. I think after I post this Cream of Wheat stuff I am going to go into the kitchen and fire up the old coal stove and run out to the well to get me some water and then I am a gonna make me some of that delicious Cream of Wheat (I wish they were paying me to say that but they aint).

Anyway, here is a Hillbilly Cream of Wheat recipe and an old old magazine ad which proves that cartoon characters have long been moonlighting in advertising. Humans are a commercial creature so it is completely normalĀ for our fictional characters to be so as well.

Sadie Hawkins Fried Cream of Wheat Recipe
Sadie Hawkins Fried Cream of Wheat Recipe

Take your left over Cream of Wheat, or cook some up just to try this recipe, you will like it. This is very similar to the fried mush that restaurants like Bob Evan’s and Cracker Barrel serve and just as good.

Sadie Hawkins
Sadie Hawkins

Mold the Cream of Wheat into a slightly greasy pan. Lard works best, but some of you non-hillbillies will probably want to use vegetable oil or margarine. Put the pan into your fridge and let it get real cool and set.

Once your Cream of Wheat is firm cut it into slabs (that’s slices for you fancy folk). Now brush the slabs with your choice of lard, bacon grease or ham drippings. If you are wealthy you can use all three at the same time and really eat fancy!

Take your greased up slabs of Cream of Wheat and throw them into an iron skillet. You will want to add a little more fat or butter to the pan here. Let the slabs cook until they are a nice golden brown (sounds fancy huh?).

Fried Cream of Wheat is actually a lot better than it sounds. When you are ready to eat this stuff try some syrup and butter on it. Don’t forget to have plenty of Possum Treat on hand because as good as it is Fried Mush just aint gonna feed your hungry family, they need some possum on their bones.

Vintage Li’l Abner Cream of Wheat Ad

Lil Abner Loves Cream of Wheat
Lil Abner Loves Cream of Wheat

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As we poke fun at ourselves as hillbillies, how about the da when racial stereotypes like the Cream O’ Wheat cook, Aunt Jemima, and Uncle Ben were popular. All an offshoot of the old minstrel shows evolving into trademarks and Amos and Andy, and a highly collectable market for related race genre of antique items.

quit being so sensitive. with all this liberal bleeding heart crap that goes on these days, you can twist anything into some sort of discrimination. hillbillies get made fun of all the time, do you hear us complain? but god forbid anyone say a word against black people or women. lighten up hippie, the fact of the matter is stereotypes are a part of every aspect of life, and being overly sensitive about it all is whats wrong with america these days. god forbid anyone get their feelings hurt or feel isolated. welcome to life bub. everyone gets it and the standard of thinking saying something about a minority is a tragic disgace worthy of scourn is ridiculously hypocritical

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