Hillbilly Tricks

When A City Boy Tricks A Country Boy

When I was growing up we moved around quite a bit. I changed schools a lot and experienced living in places ranging from the head of a hollow to the city. As a result I acquired an accent of my own; not ‘hillbilly’ and not ‘buckeye’. When I was in Ohio I was told I “talked like a hillbilly” but when I was in Kentucky I was told that I talked like a “buckeye”.

Once I was going to school in southeastern Kentucky, I think it was around the 6th grade. I was reading a book about edible plants and came across a plant called Jack in the Pulpit. The root of the plant is edible, however in its natural state it includes a chemical that mimics the hottest hot pepper you could find. Native Americans and old timers leached the chemical from the roots before using them for food.