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Sadie Hawkins Day Hillbilly Women Running Amok

Sadie Hawkins Day Pin
Sadie Hawkins Day Pin

Have you ever heard of Sadie Hawkins Day? Sadie Hawkins Day is THE day that hillbilly women run amok! It is supposed to be a hillbilly thing, but it actually originated in 13th century Scotland. To be more accurate Sadie Hawkins Day is a fictional day that was created by Al Capp for the syndicated comic strip Li’l Abner.

Some of you may recall an old Li’l Abner movie in which they celebrated Sadie Hawkins Day. In the movie all of the single men were running for the hills trying to escape the ugliest women. Any man who was caught was doomed to marry the woman who cornered him and let me tell you, the uglier and more desperate the woman was the harder she tried!