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Mamaw Gerty Talks About Cooking Biscuits And Gravy

Hillbilly recipe for biscuits and gravy from Mamaw Gerty!

Here is an authentic country recipe for biscuits and gravy. A friend of ours by the name of Merly Jean is going to sit back and write the rest of this out for you all. She is going to describe to you exactly how her grandmother makes her home made biscuits and gravy.

Howdy to the folks on the innernet. My name is Merly Jean and I am gonna write some thangs that my Mamaw Gerty is a gettin reddy ta tell me.

Why thank ya Merly Jean, no dont write that. Well Ok leave it in then. Lawd that child! Now that I am a famous person on the innernet I figgered I wud tell yall bout a special recipe we got fer making the best delishusest biscits and gravy you ever seed. If n you like to eat atall yore gonna love my recipe. Now mind ya it haint nuthin faincy, just old fashuned good home cookin.

Most a yall probly gots one a them new fangled ovens whuts got that radio dial lookin thang that tells ya how hot it is in thar. My Henry took an bawt me one back in 19 and 78 and it was the ornriest thang ta get use to. But I like it jess fine now. When I start gittin reddy ta make my biscits and gravy I reach over thar and turn that nob up to 450 so that oven can get all warmed up good while I’m a making the doe.

THE best Southern cookbook ever. Everyone loves Southern food, this cookbook tells you how to fix it the way it’s suppose to be fixed. Do yourself a big favor and buy it. ~ LindY G Sherrod

Now when I makes up somethin in the kitchen I gotta feed 16 grandchillun, 3 of thar mammies, 2 hound dogs, 4 cats, and sometime my old nefew Hank. That old Hank is one a the werst caracters ever came round these parts, but when theys family I reckon ya gotta feed em when they come round.

Anyhow yall dont wanta hear nuthin bout Hank no how. I’m a sposed to be tellin ya how to make somethin to eat. O yeah I member now what it twas. I always got a make a big batch and it takes up pert near 5 pounds a flare so I better cut that down fer ya. This should be plenty nuff fer a couple a city fellers ta eat on.

First startin out make shore ya got a big bowl to mix everthang up in. Get ya bout 2 cups a flare and dump it in the mixin bowl. Then ya jess throw in 3 big spoon fulls a bakin powders, a great big pinch a salt and 4 big spoons a lard. I heared that sum folks like in cities and the like dont use no lard.

Some Folks Don’t Cotten to Lard

Ya Gotta have Your Lard!

If ya aint got nary lard then jess make do with yer cookin oils. But ya need ta start buyin lard. If the good Lord didnt intend fer his chilluns to use lard then whyd he go and put in them hawgs in first place fer? Anyways lets talk about them biscits again.

After ya put the lard and the salt and bakin powders in yer flare stir it all up rill good with about a teacup full a milk, buttermilk works best.

Once ya get it all mixed in rill good just work on it and roll it round til ya git like a big ball. Now go over to the stove and set ya an arn skilit on burner and turn it up to about medum. Now go back and take pinches off that ball a doe and roll em up into little balls and the flattin em down a bit so there bout a inch thik.

Biscuits and GravyPut yer biscits on a bakin pan whuts been slicked up with warm lard. Now that oven is dun warmed up and yer reddy to stick em in thar. Now in about 10 er 15 minutes yer gonna have some delicious biscits fer shore. But we haint got time to ramble a caws that means ya gotta get started at the gravy perty quick.

Keep Your Skillet Good and Greasy!

Y alreddy got a hot skilit sittin on the stove. Now go but in 2 big spoons plum full a bacon grease or lard whuts been used to fry meat in and then throw in 2 big spoons a flare. Stir it round rill good and watch it git nice an brown. Then ya takes a cup a milk and start poorin it in rill easy while you keep on a stirrin with the other hand.

Now ya jess turn the heat down a bit an let it sit thar til ya drag out the biscits.

On Sundys and special holidays we always like to have some rabbit, skwirl er possum with are biscits an gravy, but we haint never gonna have nary pot belly pigs with em again. Dont you never buy no haewgs from Pappy Dannels! I’m a gonna tell everbuddy on the innernet bout that codger whut cheats folks whos jess tryin ta feed they chillun and sometimes Hank too.

Somebuddy out thar try ta make these biscits an gravy and then yall can tell everbuddy how good it was and dont fergit it was Mamaw Gerty whut done told ya how.

Note From The Administrator: I took the liberty of interpreting Mamaw Gerty’s recipe instructions for the benefit of those cooks out there who may have difficulty understanding the language. Let me tell you, you’re not alone!

Try this:

Large mixing bowl
Baking sheet
Large skillet

For the Biscuits:
2 cups flour
3 Tbs baking powder
1 tsp salt
4 Tbs lard or vegetable oil
2/3 cups milk – buttermilk recommended

For the Gravy:
2 Tbs pan drippings (bacon grease or sausage grease is a favorite)
2 Tbs Flour
1 Cup milk

Preheat your oven to 450 deg F and put the skillet on the stove and set the heat to medium, you just want to get it warmed up. Mix the ingredients listed under “For the Biscuits” and knead the dough until you have a consistent ball. Next tear of small peices and work them into balls then flatten them to about an inch thick. Place these biscuit doughs on a greased tray and bake for 10 to 15 minutes. Watch them often so you can get them to the perfect brown.

Make the gravy while the biscuits are baking. Mix the pan drippings and the flour together in the skillet and stir continually until everything is nice and brown. Next pour the milk in a little at a time while continuing to stir. Once the gravy thickens up you can turn the heat down and start frying those eggs.

Written by Gert and Merly Jean, Copyright 2009 all rights reserved and may not be republished in any form.

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Hello Merly Jean. Your mamaw sure has a way with words doesnt she? Can you cook as good as she can? I would like to know how to make fried cabbage like my mom use to make it.

Ain’t them biskets dun yit? Iiiiii’s hungrier than an ol’ goat chewin’ cans. And remember, you cain’t start breakfast, t’all, til’ theres coffee in the pot! First things first! Gotta wake that old brainbone up so’s ya ken git started cookin’ them biscits ‘n gopher gravy so’s we kin eat! ~Unca Hank~

Well, now Ima really a hungerun fer some gravy an biscuts. Anybide got any cow butter fer them hot biscuts?

Yeah, but there’s no point…coz you can buy em from ole Jessies shop, just round yon corner (he nicked your recipe 7 yrs ago hun) xx

REAL lard???

NO! don’t tell me…………thinking.

Got it!…. is it from obese nearly dead/dead possums?

Lard may be “backwoods”, but them backwood folk live a lot longer than citfied folk who eat all that man-made stuff. Besides, it just aint right to mess with perfection.As far as the recipe, sounds good to me.

This is my first to this site and I have to say a very nice one for a change i was raised in N.E. Tennesse and Shelton Laural NC and I miss my Granny and Pap I still remember me and granny in the kitchen makin bisquits and gravy on her wood stove and I can still makem and YOUVE GOT TO HAVE LARD AND SAUSAGE GREASE OR IT DONT TASTE RIGHT ask my 17 year old son and his friends Thanks for the memorys I have to go cook now

Hi ya all I live in the heart of the Ozarks , Yes there is hillbillies here . Have been for hundreds of years WE just don;t get out much .To day was the first time in 6 mos. That I got to go to town .Got sugar ,salt flower baking-powder and some 22 shells.On the Lard thing lots of cholesterol in it but it makes every thing taste better .
We live off the land ,grow chickens, pigs ,cows .taters, corn,maters ,cucumbers We make soap with ( Lard and lye )lot better than that store bough soap We don’t eat much possum any more not many left . We do eat coon, ground hogs ,lots of deer ,and turkey .Grow our one tobacco,Make salt pork ,bacon ,best darn sausage you ever et
My grand pappy and mom-mo died of the cholesterol poison, and smoking to much ,eating 4 eggs a day sawmill gravy ,lots of red eye gravy .Grand pappy worker chopping trees down ,making railroad ties with a broad ax .Mom-mo did the house work raised a garden and raised 6 kids smoked the meat .She had a coffee jar that had this white powder in it ,every morning she would get the well used twig that was in the jar ,she would wet it with her mouth stick it in the white power and sniff it ,bout 5 min.she was running around the house like a cat with his tail on fire .she always keeped the powder locked up her moms mom gave it to her .She got it from a fur trader in the early 1840 s She was on the Trail of Tears but runed away one night . A lot of them did thats where she met her husband . He to was a run a way .Ant way back to the lard and the tobacco They were in there mid 90s when they died . I an very proud to be called a Hillbilly & Black Dutch and Cherokee ……You city folk look in to it and somewhere there is a Hillbilly in your kinfolk Roger

My family lives in Eastern Ky , where they have ta pipe in daylight. My( Cherokee) Grandma used to make biscuits an gravy like that. She’d fry up a batch of fat back( for the beans later). My ( welsh)Grandpa liked squirrel in it.

Fer all you city slickers out thar, and curr’s alike — I have et real cows butter & lard all my life. And I aint never been over weight. No sir, notta once’d. So tha heck wit that hellth baloney. Them new fangled oils & die ut sodie pop will killya kwicker than a politishun. Y’all be gooder now tu yowr selvz. Sorre fer kussin a mite.

Makes shor’ y’all use chick’n eggs an flour when making bisquits.

When I was a-yungin’ we was po folk an my mamie had to use gator eggs an ceement. them bisquits was rich in min’rals!

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