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My Holler Is Scary

It all started when I was about three years old. My family and I moved into a big green house in Portsmouth Virginia. Once we moved in and got settled we started to hear footsteps coming from the front door going upstairs, and you could hear it walking around in the bedrooms.

The house was over ninety years old back in 1986 and we lived there for eleven years. My father said that the noises we were hearing was the house settling but in ninety years it should have settled a long time ago. The house was by a church that was haunted.

When I got older my mother told me the story about the church. The ghost in the church was that of a man who was murdered in there. He was the piano player and he was staying late to practice and somebody came in and chopped him up.

My friend and I were cleaning the church one night when we heard a noise coming from up stairs where they found him so we went to investigate. When we got to the top of the stairs there he stood. My friend and I looked at each other and ran.

The next day we told the pastor about it and he didn’t believe us. He said it was the night guard. Like I said we lived there 11 years and we had never seen a night guard. After living there for 11 years we moved to Kentucky.

We moved in with my aunt and stayed there for 6 months then we moved to a very little city called Hellier. It was a small two bedroom house. It was creepy at night but nothing happened there.

We moved again to an even smaller town called Rockhouse. Up a holler called Badfork and it fits. The roads are narrow and its pitch dark even when there’s a full moon. There’s only about 10 to 12 houses up here and this place is spooky at night. I witnessed a lot of stuff up here.

I was walking down the road at night to go to my friends house when I seen something at the creek. It was black and it was drinking the water. When it heard me coming it turned its head all the way around and it looked at me with big red eyes.

On another night I was walking home from my friends house when I seen something coming out of the creek. It was a big glowing ball of light and it was right in front of me so I ran. Everybody around here knows about this holler and the don’t come up here at night unless they have to.

By Thomasia, Copyright 2009

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Ain’t no haint gonna run me oft. Don’t know why everybody gotta run and scream when they see a haint, a booger or a witch.

Now when was knee high to a grasshopper, and for some reason the power would go out, we’oud light candles or the kerosene lamp, and sit around the fireplace, and ol’ granny would tell some of the scariest stories. Just think how these hills got settled. The woods were one thing in the daytime, but them old, dark hollers at night, we were always hearing weird noises, and seein’ strange lights and sights we could’nt explain. Was that a panther screamin’?

Or somebody said a little girl died over by that old syckiemore tree where they burried her. Or there was another little girl who used to ask people for a ride home, and when they got to her house, she’d disappear, and her mother told the last good Samaritan they were the thirteenth person who gave her the ride, and that she was killed there in a car accident nine years ago, on the spot where they picked her up.

iv seen the big black thing with red eyes down here in the holler i live in too, this place is full of ghosts, sum from the civil war and sum from the hangin tree, but sum are from the witch that used to live round here, she summoned demons and stuff that are still here, i think for sum reason most hollers have ghosts in em ya kno

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